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Ocean Freight

Finding the Best Way Across Oceans
As a trusted Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) company, Nippon Express offers extensive bespoke ocean freight services, delivering cost-effective logistics solutions that move the world forward. Unlock new opportunities and seamlessly connect your business to the world by leveraging our industry expertise, extensive logistics network, and state-of-the-art technologies.


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Lanes in South Asia alone


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Of the world’s leading NVOCC

Ocean Freight Services

Solving Complex Ocean Freight Challenges

Full Container Load – FCL

We ship your full containers quickly, securely, and reliably while giving you complete control over the entire shipping process. Our FCL services ensure your cargo arrives on time and in the best possible condition — a smart choice for high-value or fragile goods.
Ocean Freight Services: Full Container Load – FCL
Ocean Freight Services: Less Than a Container Load – LCL​

Less Than a Container Load – LCL

For businesses looking to ship cargo in small volumes, Nippon Express LCL services are the ideal solution. With LCL, you pay for only what you ship and share the remaining space with others, making this a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Buyer’s Consolidation

With over 150 years in the business, we have the capabilities to group cargoes from variegated suppliers into a dedicated container and deliver the best value for our clients. Combining smaller shipments not only reduces cost but also results in lesser cargo handling and fewer units to handle at the end destination.
Ocean Freight Services: Buyer's Consolidation
Ocean Freight Services: Break Bulk Shipping

Break Bulk Shipping

Loading and securing oversized or heavy cargo onto a vessel require highly trained experts as well as specialized equipment and techniques. At Nippon Express, we rise above the challenges for each unique shipment while providing reliable and flexible transportation options.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services: Temperature-Controlled Load

Temperature – Controlled Load

We deliver unparalleled temperature-controlled services to ensure your temperature-sensitive cargoes are protected and undamaged. With various options, including ambient, refrigerated, and frozen shipping, we uphold industry best practices and abide by strict Goods Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.
Value Added Services: Air + Sea

Sea + Air

Delivering the best of both worlds, our Sea + Air service conveniently combines the cost efficiency of sea freight with the speed of air freight. This multi-modal freight solution serves as an eco-friendly alternative as compared to a pure air freight model and provides much faster transit times than a pure sea freight model.
Value Added Services: Air & Maritime Cargo Insurance

Maritime Cargo Insurance

Experience peace of mind and financial protection against any potential losses or damage to goods whilst in transit. As your responsible ocean freight partner, we offer comprehensive cargo insurance to deliver the broadest possible protection against various hazards inherent to maritime transportation.
Value Added Services: Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Import and export compliance can be complex. Enjoy borderless business while our experts prepare the necessary documentation, including bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing list, certificate of origin, electronic export information, and more.

Our Strengths

Large International Ocean Freight Network

Nippon Express is one of the world’s leading NVOCC. Our ocean freight network has over 730 stations spread across 319 cities globally.

Best in Asia

We serve more than 1,326 lanes in South Asia alone. There are 40 weekly direct LCL services for intra-Asia destinations and more than 22 weekly direct LCL services to Japan.

Close Relationship with Ocean Carriers

Partnering with global players, Nippon Express leverages international expertise with local know-how to offer favorable shipping rates.

Reliable and Efficient Service

Count on reliable delivery time, low transit time, and stable cargo capacity.

Accurate Tracking and Visibility

Gain real-time visibility by locating your assets in transit via our 24/7 track and trace service. Get timely updates on shipment location and status for better supply chain planning.

About Nippon Express

One of the world’s largest 3PL Companies

Founded in 1872, Nippon Express Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s largest logistics companies providing one-stop business solutions that connect people and companies beyond national and regional boundaries through diverse logistics modes, integrating land, air, and marine transport.

About Nippon Express

Driving Success Worldwide

Unlocking growth in the fastest-growing markets through seamless interconnectivity, speed and access.


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Committed to International Standards

Meeting quality, security, safety, compliance, and environmental standards to ensure service excellence.

Industry Solutions

Delivering advanced solutions for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, fashion and retail, as well as food and beverage industries.

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